Noah Thompson

Show Date: June 23rd, 2023
Show Time: 9:00 PM
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People pulled for Noah Thompson when the Kentucky-born construction worker couldn’t
pull for himself.

Some dreams simply seem out of reach when the limitations of growing up in a small town
and the responsibilities of a one-year-old named Walker, make superstardom seem distant
and meant for someone else. But America believed wholeheartedly in what Thompson
couldn’t imagine for himself.

The current American Idol winner embodies the spirit of Country music: overcoming
adversity and the odds to achieve widespread acclaim and the hearts of millions. This is more
than a CinderNoah story; this is the culmination of an “American (Idol) Dream.”

Before he was performing for 2.5 million television viewers, Thompson was singing for a ragtag
crew of a half dozen construction workers framing houses near his hometown of Louisa,
KY (population 2,852). They were laborers with checkered pasts and/or limited options, and
Thompson was a daily distraction.

“Those boys would have me singing any song they could find on their phones,” said
Thompson. “They would push me and push me all the time. It would drive me nuts, but it
obviously led to a good outcome.”

Likeable, humble, funny and clearly talented, Thompson was one of their own. One of the
guys on the crew, whom Thompson had only known a couple months, decided to do
something about it and submitted him for the American Idol auditions in Austin, Texas.
“When he signed me up, it was a big ‘No,’ recalled Thompson, who had never been on a plane
prior to the auditions. “I really didn’t want him to do it. I could never really picture myself
doing something like that. Being in that environment, surrounded by famous people like
Luke Bryan and all them, it didn’t seem realistic to me.

“Where we come from, it’s just such a small town, man. When you see someone make it out
of here, it’s kind of like magic made that happened. It’s unrealistic in a way. It doesn’t seem
like that can happen for you.”

During his winning season on American Idol judge Luke Bryan summed it up: “You are going
to ‘Aw, shucks’ your way to the top.”
And then he did.

Releasing his debut song “One Day Tonight” during the show, the catchy, romantic track
immediately shot to No. 1 on iTunes All Genres and Country charts and is still racking up an
incredible number of on-demand streams, averaging nearly 1 million per week.
Now, Thompson is taking it all in and finding his footing as he prepares to release new music
with 19 Recordings under an exclusive license to BBR Music Group. He’s writing songs and
working with some of the most sought-after tunesmiths in Nashville, and he is working with
notable producer Jimmy Robbins (Keith Urban, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, Mickey

“From the second you meet Noah, you’re rooting for him,” said Robbins, who has penned 10
No. 1 singles. “Not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve
worked with. When he steps up to the mic in the studio, it feels like he’s been doing this for
years. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.”

Bolstered by the American Idol judges’ confidence in his talent and the nation’s
overwhelming support, the early fan-favorite’s humble and kind demeanor instantly
connected with fans, and when he put his rough-hewn Country vocals on Rihanna’s R&B
smash hit “Stay” during the “showstopper round,” the rising star had his ultimate breakout

The natural break in his vocals added a depth of emotion and an authentic ache to the song.
“People love that song, and I’m happy people are still loving it,” Thompson said.
And they’re loving it so much so, he’s releasing his rendition of “Stay” on July 29 – the song
that changed his trajectory on the show and proved why he deserved to be named the winner
of this year’s American Idol.