Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Passport Club?

The Passport Club is a generous reward program which allows guests to earn Comp Dollars and Passport Points while playing Slots, Tables Games, Sports Books, and Poker.

How do I get a Passport Card?

Please visit one of the Passport Reward Centers to get a Passport Card. Return guests may use their card from a previous trip. Any Passport Reward Center can replace lost or request additional cards.

Why should I use my Passport Card?

Aside from the generous comps you earn, we will also send additional valuable offers. These may range from "Free Play" cash coupons to Free Suite upgrades and Special Event invitations.

Can I Use the same Passport Card at each casino?

Yes. Your Passport card can be used to track your play and redeem comps at all three casinos.

How do I use my Passport Card while playing games?

Slots - Insert your Passport card into the reader attached to every slot machine. A welcome and card accepted message will appear. Remember to leave your card inserted during play and only remove your card when finished. If you play more than one machine at a time, visit any Passport Reward Center for additional cards.

Table Games - Show your Passport card to the dealer. $5 minimum average bet required. Pit tracking will update shortly to your Passport account after the pit tracking rating is closed.

Sports Book - Show your Passport card to the writer before placing your bet.

Poker - Hand your card to the dealer or supervisor.

How do I redeem my Comp Dollars?

There are two ways to redeem rewards. The easiest is to visit any Passport Reward Center to have your PIN number activated for using self comp.* Self-comp works like a debit card: at any outlet give your card to the cashier and enter your PIN. The amount will be deducted from your comp balance. Or visit any Passport Reward Center to receive a comp slip.

How do I find out my Comp balance?

Visit any Passport Reward Center, Super Kiosk or online for your current Comp Dollar balance.

Why were my Tier Points reset to 0?

Card Tier Points are accumulated during a calendar year and are reset to 0 on January 1.  Prior years tier point balance will be used to determine upcoming years card status.  If tier point requirement to maintain account status is not met by the end of the calendar year, card tier may be adjusted accordingly.